Healthy Eating Tips for Mothers Childbirth

While your newborn child is your priority, it is also important to pay attention to your own health after giving birth. Your body needs the right nutrition to be able to recover fast and provide nutrition to your baby especially when you are breastfeeding. Here are some healthy eating tips to keep in mind if you want you and your baby to be healthy and well.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Your body needs a lot of water especially when you breastfeed your baby. Drink about 6 to 10 glasses of water. It also helps to consume good amounts of wholesome drinks such as milk and fresh fruit juice.

Consume some protein

Protein is very important in strengthening your body after childbirth. If you are under 18 or underweight before giving birth, you especially need to include more protein on your diet. Protein-rich foods include dairy products like milk, cheese, and yogurt. Meat, fish, and beans are also great sources of protein. Whether you prepare your own food or simply rely on confinement food delivery in Hong Kong, it is important to include these foods on your meals.

Eat fruits and veggies

Fruits and vegetables contain essential vitamins and minerals that are good for your body and for your breastfed baby. Eat good servings of fruits and vegetables along with other healthy foods for breastfeeding mothers. You can turn them into salads, add them on soups, or grill them. Make sure to clean them thoroughly before consuming.

Know what’s bad for you

Some foods can be harmful to both you and your baby. Alcohol in some adult beverages, for example, can be passed to your baby through breastmilk and can affect their brain and body development. Caffeine is also a not good as it can affect the growth of your baby. So stay away from coffee, chocolate, and tea as long as you breastfeed your child.

Most importantly, consult with your doctor to know the best way to nourish yourself and your baby. Keep a balanced diet so you can recover fast while providing your child proper nourishment. 

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